About the course

CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst is one of the most recognized positions in the field of accounting or finance, globally. The CFA exams are administered by the CFA Institute in the United States. The CFA can only be written by those who have an international passport.

There are three levels of exams required to complete the CFA, which is recognized in 146 countries. The same subjects are studied in all three phases and the subjects are studied in more depth as the phases pass.

Graduates and final year undergraduates can write the CFA exam or those who have four years of appropriate work experience in a related field.

Job Opportunities

CFA offers a wide range of opportunities in India and abroad. The services of CFAs are called for ein all spheres of finance, including commercial and non-commercial banks, research institutes and insurance companies.

  • Risk Manager
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Financial Adviser
  • Investment Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Consultant

are some possibilities awaiting after completing CFA

Time taken to complete the course

The average time required for a student to complete a CFA course is one and a half to four years.