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About Us

In this area of cut-throat competition everything is business and all are trying to make a fast buck by giving short shrift to equality. The field of education is in no way, an exception to this trend.

A sincere desire to swim against this trend and to provide high quality coaching to those who aspire for professional qualifications is what promoted the genesis of Forward academy.

Forward Academy is envisaged as corporate entity with a number of subsidiary units functioning as nodal agencies under its tutelage for imparting coaching to students perceiving highly coveted courses like CA,CMA,CS,ACCA.

While forward academy acts as an umbrella Organization, each subsidiary unit concentrates and specializes in one course. This is aimed at bringing the best faculty together so that the students get the best support.

The role of Forward Academy is to formulate the corporate policies which are implemented through the subsidiaries by using the critical inputs made available by the Forward Academy.


To be the fountain-head of new thinking and bold ideas and to be an institution capable of ushering in a paradigm shift in the making of perfect professionals.


Bring into existence a chain of learning centres throughout Kerala where aspiring youngsters can transform themselves into real professionals under the tutelage of committed and dedicated experts and to provide state-of-the art facilities to make this transformation a pleasure.