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Learn & Re-Learn

Benefitting from a decade of experience in providing professional education and our continuous endeavour to improve the quality, we have developed Learn & Relearn Program to extend a helping to students.

Learn & Relearn is a unique study plan carefully designed by Forward Academy. It aims to impart high quality training along with practice sessions. This programme aims to assure high win percentage for students aspiring professional qualifications including CA, CMA, CS & ACCA. It implements proven and tested memorising strategies that would help the students, while in the exam hall, to feel the points covered during the course to be very fresh in their minds so that they could easily reproduce them on the answer sheet. Being a product of our decade long experience and expertise in the arena, this is sure to be a potential game changer hitherto unknown in the industry. It comprises of three phases

Phase 1-Regular coaching - Memory Edition

As the most challenging of issues faced by CA Students are huge syllabus and less time for preparation, we aim to give you better clarity on concepts at this phase. Our Professional faculty brings real world perspectives and theory into the programme to give learning a practical edge. Mentors are committed to clear your doubts and ensure that you are motivated and focused. This phase also aims at developing a mental mechanism to achieve the toughest things through personal guidance.

  1. Simplified learning program for Redo and recollect
  2. Hand in hand lecturing and revising
  3. Smart Note Taking & Memorising
  4. Smart Approach to Syllabus
  5. Systematic Planning and Time Bound Coaching

Phase 2 -Rapid Revision - To Achieve Mastery

Preparation is not enough to crack Chartered Accountancy, at this phase focus is on revision. The aspirants will be moulded in a way that they shall achieve mastery in the end.

  1. Nationally Renowned Faculties
  2. Right Tactics & Approach
  3. Effective Methodology
  4. Better Presentation Skill
  5. Get to know "where it went wrong" instead of just "it went wrong"

Phase 3 - Exam Practice - The ultimate confidence booster

As students, we all understand the importance of going through past question papers and mock exams. But what many don’t realise is that it should be done correctly. There is no use going through these papers and merely looking at the answers.
You should do it in a different way.

  1. Detailed Answer wise remarks for everyone
  2. Practice Like Never Before
  3. Hone yourself with our Cumulative exams
  4. Identify your strengths & weaknesses in each subject
  5. Meticulously Structured